Activate your self-healing powers

Foot reflexology stimulation paths

We offer your guests a unique experience, bringing more balance back into their lives through the stimulation of foot reflex zones.

Foot reflexology massage through natural stones - a tangible experience

Full Balance has developed a unique concept to effectively stimulate specific foot reflex zones by simply using your body weight.

The ancient method of self-healing through foot reflex zones offers significant health benefits, such as increased blood circulation, activation of our body's natural self-healing powers, and improved blood flow and organ functions. Full Balance foot reflex zone massage therapy goes far beyond a normal foot massage.

We are developing unique concepts for spas, hotels, and wellness areas with Full Balance Barefoot Paths. Each piece we manufacture is unique!

Areas of Application

  • Hotel
  • Hotel rooms and suites
  • Wellness & Spa
  • Thermal baths
  • Physical therapy and rehbilitation
  • Personal Training
  • Private
Hotel Fußreflexzonenmassage Barfußweg
Hotel Fußreflexzonenmassage Barfußweg
Fußreflexzonen Parcours Sonnenhof
Full Balance Therme Erding Sinnesreise

Why Full Balance?

The Full Balance barefoot paths show their positive effects right from the first treatment. The concept can be offered in wellness facilities as a holistic therapy. On one hand, as a freely accessible attraction, but also as a guided rejuvenation treatment by trained personnel. That's why we offer training for staff on how to elevate your guest's experience.

Kurt Wallner has been a trained foot reflex zone massage therapist for over a decade. The activation of our natural self-healing powers has astonishing abilities and can be positively influenced by foot reflex zone massage. Our customers confirm the positive results.

Our Customers

TILE & STONE barefoot path

The TILE & STONE Barefoot Path consists of 12 individual tiles that can effectively stimulate specific reflex zones on the foot. The tiles are fixed in a steel frame and are ideal for use in thermal baths, hotels, wellness & spa areas, as well as outdoor spaces. Due to its stable construction, the Barefoot Path is weather-resistant.

Additionally, there are anchors available to easily secure the TILE & STONE Barefoot Path for use in the garden.

We also offer new designs and concept, that fit your area and ideas.

PINE & STONE foot path

The Pine & Stone Barefoot Path consists of 12 individual stone pine boards. The natural stones stimulate specific foot reflexology points. The Barefoot Path is ideal for indoors, gyms, yoga rooms and can be easily incorporated into existing offers, such as yoga.

The Barefoot Path should only be used indoors and comes with 12 non-slip mats for proper support. The stone pine wood already has antibacterial properties, but it can also be sprayed with a conventional disinfectant.

Big Foot – for rooms, suites and retail

  • Effective massage, promoting circulation
  • Natural barefoot feeling
  • Suitable for the whole family & every foot
  • Can be warmed in the oven
  • Available in stone pine, walnut, cherry wood

Acupressure mat – for use and retail

  • Massage mat with natural wooden knobs
  • Promote circulation and relaxation
  • Natural barefoot feeling
  • Ideal for hotel rooms and retail
  • Stimulation of the feet, back, neck

PINE & STONE Custom Fit

  • Targeted stimulation of zones
  • Effectively promote blood circulation in the target organ
  • Natural barefoot feeling
  • Just for you & your feet
  • Can be warmed in the oven
Fußreflexzonen Massage Barfußweg

Barefoot paths

  • 12 individual stations
  • Ideal for group exercises
  • Targeted stimulation of the foot reflex points
  • Intensive activation of organ and body functions
  • Natural barefoot feeling
  • Aids circulation and body recovery

Dr. Stefan Trobos

Dr. Stefan Trobos ist Facharzt für Orthopädie und orthopädische Chirurgie. Dr. Trobos befürwortet die Fußreflexzonen Stimulation mit den Full Balance Produkten.

Medical statement on foot reflex zones by Dr. Stefan Trobos - Specialist in Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery.

"Even brief applications of the Full Balance Board, for example during daily tooth brushing or activities such as cooking, playing music, etc., activate the sensorimotor system and have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system."

- Dr. Stefan Trobos

Vorteile der Anwendung

Some benefits of the Full Balance foot reflex zone massage are:

  • Faster recovery & regeneration
  • Increased blood circulation & stimulation of metabolism
  • Improvement of blood flow & organ functions
  • Activation of our body's natural self-healing powers
  • Common aches and pains dissipate

Do you need more details? Contact us!

Are you interested in a Full Balance barefoot path? But you're not quite sure which one to choose? Or are you looking for a custom solution? Then contact us personally, and we will find the perfect solution for you and your needs. We look forward to your inquiry!

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